About Us

The Dewfresh History


Dewfresh Products (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1973. This action was a result of the consolidation of all the various businesses of the Grobler family in the Dairy & Fruit juice industries which operated as independent units some going back to 1951. The company is still wholly owned by the Grobler family and the current Chief Executive is the son of the founder of the original business.

Over the years the main business has been Fresh Dairy Products and Fruit Juices which has been marketed under various brands to all the major chain and convenience stores. All the products manufactured were marketed through the cold chain with the limitation of a short shelf life.

In 1995 a facility to produce long life products through Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treatment was added. From 1996 the plant was used to produce long life milk and in 1997 Long Life Fruit Juice were added. Another company Sun Fruit Juices (Pty) Ltd. was acquired in 2001 & incorporated in the group. The expansion into long life products proved to be a timely investment with the change in government in 1994, which opened markets worldwide for South Africa.

Today Dewfresh Long Life Milk is sold in numerous countries in the SADEC region in Africa. With South African fruit being acclaimed as the best tasting fruit in the world it has been no surprise that right from the start there has been a great acceptance for Dewfresh Juices wherever we have exported it.

The Company

The company is in the fortunate position that all manufacturing & distribution functions are done in-house. No third party is used at any stage & therefore ensures total control over the process from production to the final purchase by the consumer. This further ensures quick reaction times in any unforeseen situation & management decisions can be taken and implemented in a very short period of time.

A complete on-site laboratory ensures that sampling of all products occurs every fifteen minutes and that samples in the incubator are tested regularly. Both factories are accredited with food safety certifications.

FSSC 22000 PAS 220
SANS 1678 SANS 10330
SANS 1679 ISO 22000

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Customer base in South Africa

Dewfresh have been supplying all the main supermarket chains and convenience stores in South Africa for many years.
The products supplied are under our own brands as well as store private labels.


Dewfresh has been exporting products to a number of countries like Africa, Asia, North-America & Europe.


Dewfresh has over 500 employees