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Fresh Milk

Dewfresh’s pasteurised & homogenized milk:
* Full Cream Fresh Milk
* Low Fat Fresh Milk 

Container volume:
* 2 litre fresh low fat & full cream milk in plastic jugs
* 1 litre full cream & low fat milk in plastic jugs
* 1 litre fresh full cream & low fat milk in sachets
* 250 ml & 500 ml in plastic bottles

Shelf life: 18 days

Long Life Milk

There are three variants:
* Dewfresh full cream milk

* Dewfresh 2% low fat milk
* Dewfresh skim milk

Container volume:
* 1 litre in Tetra slimline cartons with recap.

* 250 ml full cream milk in Tetra baseline cartons with straw attached

Shelf life: 6 months

Dewfresh Soy Milk

Lactose and cholesterol free soy milk with enriched vitamins A, D, B2, B12 and calcium.

Container volume:
* 1 litre in Tetra slimline cartons.

Shelf life: 1 year

Dewfresh Buttermilk

Special cultured milk used for baking or drinking.

Container volume:
* 1 litre plastic bottle
* 500 ml plastic bottle

Shelf life: 6 weeks

Amasi Egoli

Creamy cultured milk

Container volume:
* 2 litre plastic bottle

* 1 litre plastic bottle
* 500ml plastic bottle
* 1 litre sachet

Shelf life: 6 weeks

Dewfresh 1kg Yoghurt

Dewfresh fruit and smooth low fat yoghurt with “live yoghurt cultures”

Container Volume:
* 1 kg tub

Fruit Flavours:
* Strawberry 
* Fruit Medley  * Exotic Berry

Smooth Flavours: 
* Strawberry 
* Vanilla * Plain

Shelf life: 6 weeks

Dewfresh Creams

There are three variants:
* Fresh Cream
* Thick Cream
* Sour Cream

Container volume:
* 250 ml cups
* 500 ml bottles
* 1 litre plastic bottle

Shelf life: 12 days

Dewfresh Fruticool

A dairy fruit blend

Container volume:
* 200ml baseline cartons with straw attached
* 500 ml plastic bottles

* 2 litre plastic jugs

* Orange

* Peach
* Pineapple

Nectar Fruit Juices

Pure fruit juices.

Container Volume:
* 1 litre Tetra Slim carton with recap

* 200 ml Tetra baseline carton with straw attached

* Orange 
* Guava * Mango 
* Tropical 
* Apple * Peach

Shelf life: 1 year

100 % Fruit Juices

All fruit juice concentrates; pulps and purees are sourced in South Africa. The bulk of these are grown in the tropical lowveld region of the Mpumalanga Province.

We are very strict on the quality specification of the fruits and only the best fruits are used to extract fruit juice concentrates. No preservatives, sugar or artificial colours are added to our 100% Pure Fruit Juices.

   Flambé Dessert

    A sweetened dessert

    Container volume:
    * 100g plastic cups

    * Chocolate 
    * Vanilla

    Shelf life: 3 weeks